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Sedum Stefco

Sedum Stefco

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  • Sedum stefco is a cultivar of Sedum, commonly known as Stonecrop. It is appreciated for its compact growth habit and dense foliage, which forms attractive mounds or mats. The leaves are typically fleshy and succulent, with a blue-green coloration.
    In late summer or early fall, Sedum 'Stefco' may produce clusters of small, star-shaped flowers in shades of pink, white, or yellow, depending on the cultivar. The flowers are attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.
  • Water Needs: Low; allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Water sparingly, especially during the dormant winter months.
  • Light Requirement: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight to full sun. Can tolerate some shade but may become leggy in low-light conditions.
  • Maintenance: Low; minimal pruning required. Pinch back stems to promote bushier growth if desired.
  • Common Names: Sedum stefco, Stefco Stonecrop.
  • Family: Crassulaceae.
  • Origin: Cultivated variety; the parent species, Sedum, is native to many regions worldwide.
  • Cold Tolerance: Moderately frost-tolerant; protect from extended freezing temperatures.
  • Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well and thrives in warm to hot conditions.


  • Size:  9cm Height x  cm 16Width.
  • Charming handmade stoneware pot with Black Iron glaze with ashes from Messenian Greek olive trees.
  • Fired up to 1200°C
  • Glazed in the interior, to keep the roots safe and secure.
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