Each plant finds its home in a handcrafted ceramic piece, forming a sculptural composition.

Nature and Sculpture... as One
Living artworks. Creations that transform our space and time.
At Neraw, nature and sculpture merge – human and environment become one.

With the motto "Exotic Ceramics & Seductive Plants," Neraw is a brand of plants and ceramics that serves as an endless source of inspiration & art—just like the inexhaustible potential of the human mind and the capabilities of nature.
Neraw is not confined to being just another plant store; it is a project that takes us through mountains, waterfalls, and valleys within its works.

At Neraw, we've artfully united the very essence of NEPΌ (greek for water) with the RAW beauty of ceramics and plants.

Our brand draws inspiration from the pure, life-giving qualities of water to craft ceramics and nurture plants that flourish in an environment of natural elegance and grace.



Our team carefully selects each plant, focusing on nature's most unique & uncommon. From cacti, succulents, caudex to tropical and common but strange looking plants.

We have plants coming from every part of the globe, from personal collectors to small farms and greenhouses.



Handcrafted ceramic vessels are made according to the plant to showcase its beauty & shape.

Experience the elegance of handmade ceramics and the mesmerizing beauty of glass glaze. Our special technique gives each piece a distinctive raw aesthetic, transforming plants into works of art.



Each plant is potted on Neraw's premium custom-made soil mix.

Neraw's custom made Soil Mix is designed to meet each plant's unique needs.
The soil includes ingredients like desert sand, stones, white marble, red clay, perlite, lava rocks, and slow-release fertilizer for optimal plant growth.



After carefully placing the plant in the soil, we apply the final layer above it, adding a touch of refinement.

Possible options for top layers include: desert sand, river rocks, greek white marbles, or any material that enhances the aesthetic of the plant and ceramic.


Each creation is a result of the collaboration between the two founders, Konstantinos and George.

Konstantinos poured all his love and knowledge of plants into each creation, while George contributed his talent, imagination, and artistic technique in the realm of design and ceramics.

"Our inspiration stemmed from our need to bring a piece of nature and the landscapes we encounter in our travels into our personal space. Initially, this involved collecting rare and exotic plants, and later, creating compositions of aquatic plants, rocks, and wood within aquariums. Essentially, our goal from the start was to transport a landscape from the mountains, on a smaller scale, into our homes. So, every time you feel the pressures of city life, you have a miniature representation that, by looking at it, allows you to escape."

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