Landscape Design

At Neraw, simplicity meets the beauty of nature in our landscape designs for homes and workplaces.
We stand out by carefully choosing unique plants for your space, creating a haven that blends nature with vibrant plant life. Our designs also use materials like stones, sand, moss, and water, symbolizing stability, the passage of time, tranquility, and serenity.

What sets us apart is our careful selection of indoor and outdoor plants with unique structures, colors, and habitats. We bring nature indoors, ensuring every space reflects the diverse beauty of the outdoors. Your environment becomes a haven, seamlessly blending natural elements and vibrant plant life, creating spaces that not only look stunning but also connect you to the wonders of the world outside.

We combine our designs with materials like stones, sand, moss, and water to tell a story of harmony—where stones symbolize stability, sand mirrors the passage of time, moss adds lush tranquility, and water introduces soothing serenity.

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Interior landscaping consultations

At Neraw, each interior landscape project kicks off with a thorough consultation aimed at tailoring the perfect program for your brand and space across your service area.

During this talk, we:

  • Look at things like your brand style, space, and lighting.
  • Discuss aspects such as colors, textures, and sizes with you.
  • Measure and check lighting for the best plant choices.
  • Show you pictures of our design ideas.
  • Offer options for renting or buying plants to suit your budget and needs.

Innovate With Us

Our botanical themes are globally inspired and allow for experimentation, color, and textures on materials to flourish. Our projects plan to calibrate the landscape for microclimate, water capture, enhanced biodiversity, and habitat.

A plant for any space

We believe indoor plants can enhance workspaces, whether big or small.

Even in limited indoor spaces, we can add standing or table-size plant containers with smaller plants, bringing a subtle touch of nature. We'll recommend plants that thrive indoors and complement your existing decor.


Water features are versatile and suitable for both homes and businesses. These can include ponds, waterfalls, and swimming pools. Hotels and restaurants often enlist the services of interior landscapers to incorporate water-based aesthetics into their private and common areas.

Stone Scaping

Japanese stone gardens are known for creating peaceful vibes with pebbles and tiles of different sizes and shapes.

You can spot these stone arrangements in places like courtyards, entrance lobbies, and bedrooms. They're not just for looks; these areas are perfect for relaxation and meditation.