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Monvillea Spegazzinii Cristata

Monvillea Spegazzinii Cristata

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  • Monvillea spegazzinii Cristata also known as "Crested Monvillea" or "Crested Brain Cactus," is a rare and captivating succulent prized for its unique growth form. This cristate variety exhibits a fan-shaped crest with undulating and contorted stems, creating a sculptural and eye-catching appearance. Native to Argentina, Monvillea spegazzinii is known for its cylindrical stems and showy, pink flowers that bloom in the summer months. The cristate form adds an extra level of interest to this already captivating cactus.
  • Water Needs: Low; water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to rotting of the sensitive crest.
  • Light Requirement: Prefers full sun to partial shade. Provide bright, indirect sunlight for optimal growth and health.
  • Maintenance: Low; minimal pruning required. Remove dead or decaying stems carefully to maintain the crest's appearance. Propagation from offsets or stem cuttings may be challenging due to the unique growth pattern.
  • Common Names: Crested Brain Cactus, Monvillea spegazzinii Cristata, Crested Monvillea.
  • Family: Cactaceae.
  • Origin: Native to Argentina.
  • Cold Tolerance: Not frost-resistant; protect from freezing temperatures.
  • Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well and thrives in warm to hot conditions.


  • Size: 10cm Height x 13cm Width.
  • Kofini Collection translates the iconic Greek straw basket into captivating ceramics.
  • Fired up to 1200°C
  • Glazed in the interior, to keep the roots safe and secure.
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