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Fockea Edulis

Fockea Edulis

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  • Fockea edulis is a perennial, climbing succulent that can develop into a large, woody vine. It often produces a caudex, which is a large, tuberous underground stem. The caudex can become quite massive and is one of the distinctive features of the plant.
    The caudex of Fockea edulis is one of its most interesting features. It can reach significant sizes and has a unique appearance, often resembling a large, gnarled potato or tuber. The caudex serves as a water storage organ, allowing the plant to survive prolonged periods of drought.
    In its native regions, Fockea edulis has been used traditionally for various purposes. The caudex is edible and has been consumed by indigenous people during times of food scarcity. Additionally, parts of the plant have been used for medicinal purposes.
  • Water Needs: Low; allow the soil to dry out almost completely between waterings. Water sparingly to prevent overwatering.
  • Light Requirement: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade. Protect from intense, direct sunlight.
  • Maintenance: Low; minimal pruning required, mainly to remove dead or withered growth.
  • Common Names: Hottentot Bread, Kambroo Plant.
  • Family: Apocynaceae.
  • Origin: Native to South Africa.
  • Cold Tolerance: Not frost-resistant; protect from freezing temperatures.
  • Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well and can thrive in warm to hot conditions.


  • Size: 9cm Height x 13cm Width.
  • Unique stoneware handcrafted pot in Black Lava glaze
  • Fired up to 1200°C
  • Glazed in the interior, to keep the roots safe and secure.
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