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Echeveria Nodulosa

Echeveria Nodulosa

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  • Echeveria Nodulosa, commonly known as "Painted Echeveria" or "Painted Lady," is a captivating species of succulent renowned for its exquisite rosettes and distinctive leaf markings. Its leaves are fleshy, spoon-shaped, and adorned with prominent reddish-brown spots or nodules, creating a visually striking appearance. This Echeveria variety is highly prized for its ornamental beauty and is a sought-after addition to succulent collections.
    Flowers: During the spring or summer, Echeveria nodulosa may produce tall, slender stalks bearing bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are usually orange or coral in color and add an additional ornamental element to the plant.
  • Water Needs: Low; allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Water sparingly, particularly during the dormant winter months, to prevent root rot.
  • Light Requirement: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight to partial shade. Protect from intense, direct sunlight to avoid leaf burn.
  • Maintenance: Low; minimal pruning required. Remove dead or withered leaves as needed to maintain plant health and aesthetics. Propagate through offsets or leaf cuttings if desired.
  • Common Names: Echeveria nodulosa, Painted Echeveria, Noduled Echeveria.
  • Family: Crassulaceae.
  • Origin: Native to Mexico.
  • Cold Tolerance: Not frost-resistant; protect from freezing temperatures.
  • Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well and thrives in warm to hot conditions.


  • Size:  xcm Height x  xcm Width.
  • Charming handmade stoneware pot with Black Iron glaze with ashes from Messenian Greek olive trees.
  • Fired up to 1200°C
  • Glazed in the interior, to keep the roots safe and secure.
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