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Adenium Obesum

Adenium Obesum

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  • Adenium obesum, commonly known as the Desert Rose, is a popular succulent plant appreciated for its striking appearance and ability to thrive in arid conditions.
    Due to its unusual trunk and attractive, colorful flowers, Adenium obesum is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts. It can be cultivated as a bonsai plant, and over time, the trunk becomes thick and caudex-shaped, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
    Adenium obesum is not only admired for its resilience in challenging environments but also for its ornamental value, making it a sought-after choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
  • Water Needs: Drought-tolerant; water sparingly and let the soil dry between waterings.
  • Light Requirement: Thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, with a minimum of 6 hours daily.
  • Maintenance: Low; occasional pruning, well-draining soil, and balanced fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Scientific Name: Adenium obesum (synonym: Adenium boehmianum)
  • Common Names: Desert Rose, Adenium Baobab, Impala Lily, Sabi Star, Kudu
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Origin: East and West Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan
  • Cold Tolerance: Not frost-resistant; protect from cold temperatures.
  • Heat Tolerance: Highly heat-tolerant; thrives in hot, arid climates.

Important note: Adenium obesum may enter a period of dormancy during the winter months. During this time, its growth slows down or halts, and it might lose some or all of its leaves. This is a natural response to the reduced sunlight and lower temperatures.


  • Size: 20 cm tall x 16 cm wide.
  • Stoneware pot glazed with black lava.
  • Interior glazing helps nurture the roots
  • Fired up to 1200°C
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